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Fleet Management Overview

TekMindz offers customized solutions for managing your EV fleet and renders professional services for the management of your charging networks.

Fleet Management Overview

It is important to identify and monitor changes to your existing fleet structure when upgrading to the ev charging platform. It may seem a bit odd when you first make the changes but the basic principles of fleet management still apply. It is important to track your fleet, whether you are using fuel or electricity

Fleet Management Services by TekMindz

We specialize in providing a host of charging solution programs for the customers’ need. TekMindz brings charging solutions to your workplace, apartments and retail businesses.

Fleet Management System Features

Our fleet management solutions go through various product lifecycles like POC, fast prototypes, designing viable products – finally going for the full-blown product development.

Charge Station Management System

Our tailor made solutions cater to many e-mobility and shared mobility operators. We are experts in providing end to end software scalability to improve charging facilities.

Integration with EV Telematics

At Tekmindz we develop automated telematics solutions and help to seamlessly integrate it with your vehicle.

Fleet Management System Features

Our robust charge development software is built with only one goal; to help fleet owners develop customized solutions for easy management of vehicles. TekMindz specializes in developing in structure for:

Fleet Depot
Fleet Management
Fleet Driver
Integrated Fleet Dashboard
Publish Fleet Status
Energy Management
Integrated Fleet Portal for Drivers
Fleet Tracking
Manager Portal

TekMindz also has a well-developed system for charge point operators. We make sure that every facility and integration is available to the charge point operators. We have developed:

Fleet Monitoring
Track Driver Behavior
SOC of Battery
Integration with EV Telematics

TekMindz ensures that the highest quality standards are maintained while installing your EV charging station. We also customize your charging stations and comprehensive activation services along with the configuration of your station and electric vehicle charging solutions.

Our superbly developed EV station maintenance and management program ensures complete satisfaction to our clients. We also perform onsite repairs and provide additional benefits.

Tekmindz offers end-to-end solutions for clients in the EVSE industry. We offer solutions that help to adjust and scale the demands over the next coming years. We strive to improve customer engagement and manage performances.

Learn Why TekMindz for EV Industry

EV Expertise

TekMindz has a strong EV industry domain experience of 8+ years. We have developed EV charging platform comprising of OCPP, OpenADR, OCPI, analytics for utilities, fleets, eBus OEMs etc.

Single Stop Shop for EV Technology Services

We have done new product development, MVP, SAAS based, white labelled solution, mobile application development, product sustenance, modernisation, independent testing, maintenance, providing NOC support, embedded systems and have a strong partner ecosystem with consulting firms in this domain.


We have developed OCPP accelerator for web based CMS and mobile application that works as a starting point of development for CMS and saves the initial 3 to 4 calendar months of development. We have initiated the development of accelerator on OpenADR, fleets, and dashboard analytics

EV Academy

We are investing in learning new protocols like OCPP 2.0.1, V2G, 15118 etc. We also train new teams on protocols like OCPP 1.6, OpenADR, OCPIetc

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