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Collect, Collate, Classify, Evaluate Your Health Data

District Health Information System or DHIS is a powerful open source platform with the capability of monitoring, evaluating and analyzing large volumes of data for healthcare management systems. We have an extensive range of products that realize your wide and varied requirement right from configuring and establishing DHIS2 warehousing solutions to building critical tools for simplifying the process of mobile data collection that aid in collecting all the missing pieces of information for an efficient M&E system.

About DHIS 2

District Health Information Software 2 is the most commonly used open-source software offering multi-tasking capabilities through collation, analysis, distribution and classification of data along with reporting and powerful data visualization tools. DHIS2 is also one of the most widely used web-based Health Management Information System (HMIS) capturing millions of events. The platform is preferred in over 62 countries traversing 4 continents in Health Management Information System (HMIS), thus playing a critical role in strengthening Public Health Management. In today’s day and age, DHIS 2 is regarded as the largest HMIS platform in the world with usage in more than 67 low/mid-income countries reaching out to 2.28 billion people or approximately 30% of the global population. The Ministry of Health is using the DHIS2 system to quicken the process of distribution of health information in a clear and accurate manner, so it can be integrated internationally without any hassle.

DHIS 2 Mobility

DHIS 2 allows you to register cases, events and personal information. It tracks individual records, conducts surveys and captures aggregate data, all through a mobile device. DHIS 2 also provides a vast range of mobile solutions which use the native features of the mobile device such as SMS, plain HTML and Java for feature phones along with a high-end web-based solution with offline support for smartphones. We work as an extended technology team for various organizations in the healthcare sector helping them with diverse solutions by using open source healthcare frameworks such as OpenMRS, DHIS2 etc.


Solution Development and Implementation
Dashboard and Visualization
Integration and Interoperability
Deployment and Hosting
Maintenance & Support
Capacity Building and Training
Technical Advice

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Opensource Healthcare Frameworks Expertise

Expertise of developing custom-built solutions using Opensource frameworks like OpenMRS, DHIS2, and Opensource technologies for various non-profit healthcare IT organizations, Pharmaceuticals, NGOs, the Ministry of Health etc

Innovation in Healthcare Solutions Expertise

Expertise of developing innovative tailor-made healthcare products and solutions using Open source technologies like Java, .Net

OpenMRS Expertise

Expertise of developing EMR solutions using OpenMRS framework for more than 4 years and contributing to the opensource community

DHIS2 Expertise

Expertise of integrating OpenMRS with DHIS2 using ETL and data warehousing solutions and, developing analytical dashboards using DHIS2

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OpenMRS Aiding a War-hit Nation

Our expertise in OpenMRS customization for localized unique requirements enabled our customer to attend to the needs of the war- hit country

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