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Electric Vehicle

We offer tailor made EV Charging solutions & professional services for the management of your charging networks.

TekMindz has been working in the EVSE domain where we have developed Charge Station Management (CMS) Platform for last 7+ years. One of our key offerings is providing product engineering services for our customers by engaging as their technology partners. With our strength in EVSE domain and product services for last 12 years+, we can help you in providing these services at any stage of your Charge Station Management Platform development and enable you to focus more on your core business area. The Charge Station Management platform has been developed using the OCPP protocol. It is scalable, responsive and has currently 3000 + chargers connected. It is a White label solution. The platform integrates with Smart Grid using OpenADR2.0b protocol. Using this integration we exchange real-time Demand Response (DR) events. These events are acted upon in real-time and load management of the impacted sites/stations is automatically carried out as immediate reactive measures as per event needs.

Electric Vehicle Expertise

TekMindz has developed an electrical vehicle charging (a Green IT domain) management platform for EVSE in US. It facilitates not only site hosts (where EVs are hosted) but also network providers (usually electricity providers) to manage their end to end needs including real time reports.

The EV Platform provides integrated solution with renewable energy sources (e.g. PV with Battery Storage) using which we are able to reduce “Demand Charge” of a site significantly by managing peak/off-peak energy consumption from grid. This not only result into cost saving to site hosts but also helps utility providers in avoiding expensive infrastructure scale up , which otherwise will be required to manage increasing peaks energy demand.

Electric Vehicle Offerings

One of our key offerings is providing EVSE services for our customers by engaging as their technology partners. We have been working in the EVSE domain where we have developed Charge Station Management (CMS) Platform for our customers and we have able to retain our popularity among them from the last 7+ years. Our key offerings consist of CMS Product Development, CMS Testing, CMS Sustenance, CMS Management and more. We ensure our quality services and our skilled experts focus on timely flawless delivery. You can contact us for any services required for Electric Vehicle and we are there to help you with complete assurance.

EV System Overview

We support a variety of EV charging programs throughout the world. We offer a comprehensive, hands-on approach to help bring charging to workplaces, condos, apartments, retail businesses and residential neighborhoods.



Manage your Charging Station

We developed the Management System with a very clear goal: make everything that a charging point operator – CPO – needs to control simple.Simplicity is what helps operators save time, offer a great service and maximize their reliability.

EV Charging Network Software

EV Charging Network Software enables utilities, smart cities, workplaces, apartments and condos, businesses and automakers to deploy and manage their own network of smart EV charging stations at scale.

Smart Charging & Optimization

EV charging solutions minimize electrical bills and reduce the need for costly infrastructure upgrades by managing the charging load at each site.

Grid Balancing Services

Manage the complexity of EV charging and transform your charging assets into a flexible grid resource.

Charging Solutions for Fleets

Our turnkey approach and state-of-the-art software makes it easy for fleet operators to go all-electric

Engage Driver with mobile app

We Create mobile app that offers the latest features for EV drivers. Where you can  locate the nearest charger.

Learn Why TekMindz for EV Industry

EV Expertise

TekMindz has a strong EV industry domain experience of 8+ years. We have developed EV charging platform comprising of OCPP, OpenADR, OCPI, analytics for utilities, fleets, eBus OEMs etc.

Single Stop Shop for EV Technology Services

We have done new product development, MVP, SAAS based, white labelled solution, mobile application development, product sustenance, modernisation, independent testing, maintenance, providing NOC support, embedded systems and have a strong partner ecosystem with consulting firms in this domain.


We have developed OCPP accelerator for web based CMS and mobile application that works as a starting point of development for CMS and saves the initial 3 to 4 calendar months of development. We have initiated the development of accelerator on OpenADR, fleets, and dashboard analytics

EV Academy

We are investing in learning new protocols like OCPP 2.0.1, V2G, 15118 etc. We also train new teams on protocols like OCPP 1.6, OpenADR, OCPIetc

Featured Case Studies

How Tekmindz's Product Architecture Helped Our Customer Outpace Competition

We have helped our customer onboard an OEM on their platform where more than 1000 chargers are to be made available

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