With ongoing digital revolution healthcare industry is witnessing massive transformation. Health care organizations are already feeling the pressure of accelerated change as it is changing their business model from conventional fee-for-service model to more personalized, low cost and patient-centric connected health care.

Technological advances like digitization, interoperability, advanced analytics, machine learning, the Internet of Things, Blockchain are creating significant value to the healthcare ecosystem. Latest technologies are being harnessed to engage patients and care providers, provide real-time information, and support care delivery with better use of data and analytics.

TekMindz Healthcare Capabilities

TekMindz Healthcare Capabilities

TekMindz helps healthcare organizations and governments accelerate innovation through best-in -class industry focused solutions, proficiencies and accelerators. We enable organizations to leverage open source platforms and frame works like Open MRS, OpenHIE, DHIS2, mHero, Bahmni etc and build enterprise solutions across the value chain.

TekMindz’s healthcare practice also focuses on competencies like Chronic Care Management, Healthcare Informatics and mHealth-Wearables.

Learn how open source technology based solution helped the government in improving their operational efficiency.

TekMindz is developing HMIS solution for Developing countries in Asia. The solution covers the complete lifecycle of patient registration, doctor roaster, diagnosis, prescription, pharmacy, hospitalization, inventory management, Out Patient and Bed Management. It is a work flow based solution and is to be integrated with other 3rd party verifications systems for defense personnel.

TekMindz developed HMIS solution for its partner in Africa to address the needs of hospitals in Africa region. The HMIS solution had bio metric integrations, reports, dashboards and analytics to help the Hospital management monitor and manage the patients.

Primarily it includes:

  • IPD Process
  • OPD Process
  • Medical Records
  • Patient Registration
  • Appointments
  • Billing and Admin Section


This module provides complete implementation of IPD process flow from patient registration to discharge and billing. Following functionalities are covered under this module.

  • Patient Registration
  • Doctor/Nurse Mapping
  • Observation Management
  • Drug Sheet Maintenance
  • Discharge Management
  • Ward/Bed Allocation
  • Bed Management
  • Diagnosis Management
  • Manage Billing
  • Medical Scheme


This module is developed as a ‘access control layer’ component in the application through which authorized user can provide access of modules/functionalities to different roles and users.


This module provides Patient appointments and treatment process which covers following functionalities:

  • Registration
  • Manage Appointment
  • Manage Diagnostic Test
  • Transfer to IPD
  • Manage Medical History
  • Manage Reports
  • Manage Billing


Through this section authorized user can assign duties to hospital staffs on weekly basis for hospital shifts, this section covers following shifts:

  • Manage Shifts
  • Assign Shifts to Staff Members
  • View Shift Report

TekMindz was the extended technology arm of a Healthcare ISV in US for developing a solution that provides support to the different clinical institutes or hospitals with the current patient information during non-availability or failure of HIS system. The application has been designed to provide patient’s medicals details to the Nursing, Pharmacy, Lab & Blood Bank through real-time HIS sync capability & smooth transition to downtime mode through different web services. It communicates with the HIS system using HIPPA compliant HL7 messages.

Salient Features:

  • Graphical Widgets similar to iGoogle
  • SaaS based solution
  • Web based segregated Patient Information Portal for N/W downtimes
  • Easy switch to alternate system using easy wizard driven interface
  • Easy access to critical patient & medication information

TekMindz developed Queue Management System with inbuilt intelligence to assign patients across various OPD’s, Doctors calling unit to manage patient by the doctors, Administrator Module to view overall situation of all OPD’s with respect to patients assigned to each OPD’s, installation of LCD’s panel and output of Queue Management Application on LCD’s panel, Installation of CCTV’s and its live feedback in Central control room.

Salient Features:

  • Designing the business workflows of Queue Management System
  • N tier architecture solution that is scalable and provides seamless integration with other applications of the client
  • Developed using Java Technology
  • SOA based solution
  • Analytical details are provided by developing dashboards that display various graphs and charts

TekMindz provided consultancy and did application modernization of an existing application of the ISV.


The client was looking for a product to be developed on Next Generation Genome Sequencing and Microarray data analytics.The client is a SME in genomics and had domain knowledge but was not having a view of what would it take to develop the product and its cost. They were looking forward for a technology partner who is ready to work with startups, would understand their requirements, prepare a functional requirement specifications, suggest high level architecture approaches and estimate the size and cost of the project.


The client was looking for MODERNISATION of the existing product they had which they could quickly take to the market and once there are considerable number of clients, develop a new product which has more features and scalability.

Client was looking forward for a technology partner who would make the existing application multitenant and responsive. The client knew that the existing application is not scalable and there would be challenges making it SAAS based. However for developing a full blown product, it required investment. The client wanted to explore the need of such a product in the market before making heavy investments.

TekMindz performed the following activities:

  • Assessed the current as is application and its architecture
  • Shared with client its limitations
  • Made the application Responsive and multi tenant
  • Possible enhancement of existing features

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