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Battery Energy Services

We offer a range of solutions and professional services for energy service providers including new product development, white labelled solutions, product sustenance, modernization, testing, maintenance and NOC support.


Due to increased run-time and improved remunerative prospects for shared e-mobility drivers, the demand for electric vehicle (EV) battery swapping is rising in India. The market is likely to be dominated by electric three-wheelers and two wheelers as these vehicles are majorly used as passenger carriers. These vehicles run on an average just over a 100 kilometres with each full charge. So these are required to be charged twice or thrice a day.
Battery swapping technology offers the best alternative to slow charging and helps the drivers to make optimum use of the operational hours. As per studies, electric vehicles are expensive because they are powered by lithium-ion batteries. The cost of a battery amounts to 40 percent of the total vehicle cost. Lithium-ion batteries offer high energy density, relatively low self-discharge, and low maintenance but they have a limited life.
TekMindz with its Product Mindset approach is engaged in developing tailor-made solutions around Battery like Battery Swapping for Fleets, Battery i.e. Energy As a Service, Mobile Application etc.

Features and Benefits of Using Battery Energy Services
Pay for Energy you use

It operates like the current fossil fuel-based system where you pay only for the energy you use.

Convenience and accessibility

The network detects the batteries state of charge and automatically locates the closest station.

Easy digital payment

The payment system is completely digitally enabled.

Analytics & monitoring

Analytics and performance monitoring features enable tracking status of battery outlets, racks, batteries, drill down, health of battery etc.


Battery Swapping Solution Development for Fleets

We have expertise in developing tailor made end-to-end Battery Swapping solution and can develop one for you that comprises of features like EV battery, Inventory management, EV battery status monitoring, battery rack monitoring, battery Swapping status, monitoring of battery swapping outlets, pricing, integration with fleet management system, telematics, mobile application for battery status, dashboards,battery association with fleet vehicle and driversand much more.

Energy Monitoring Solution for Energy Service Providers

We develop energy monitoring solutions for energy service providers where they own all the batteries and provide Batteries as Service. It comprises of features like providing status of battery outlets, status of rack, status of batteries in the rack, energy sold per battery, batteries ROI, health of battery, dashboards and much more.

Mobile Application Development

We develop mobile applications for features such as getting the status of batteries, location of batteries, energy consumed, associating battery with the fleet,identification of the available slots in the racks and much more.


We have expertise in developing dashboards using open source responsive technologies like Angular, React etc. The Dashboards will display features like sharing the status of battery outlets, status of racks, status of batteries, drill down etc.

Learn Why TekMindz for Battery Energy Services

Product Engineering Expertise

TekMindz has strong expertise in developing products across domains and technologies. Our Product Thinking approach has helped our customers strengthen their market position. Our expertise in MVP development has helped our customers gain an early entry into the market and on-board users fast.

One Stop Shop For Battery Services

We have done new product development, MVP, SaaS based platforms, white labelled solutions, mobile application development, product sustenance, modernization, independent testing, maintenance, NOC support, embedded systems and much more. We also have a strong partner ecosystem with consulting firms in the EV domain.

Expertise In Developing Visualization Dashboards

We have extensive experience in developing visualization dashboards using Open Source technologies comprising of featureslike drill down, cross filters, interactivecharts and providing actionable insights.

Battery Academy

We are investing into learning new protocols like CAN, Modbus etc. During ramp up we also train new teams on these protocols.

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