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Product Testing

We follow a systematic and proven approach to carry out exceptional product testing that helps deliver enriched user experience.

If you want your organization to establish a strong foothold in this tech-dominating world, then your product needs to have amazing functionalities. However, it’s not the only key to success, there are several other imperative parameters involved such as performance, security, scalability, and reliability that significantly determine the product’s ability to deliver a true solution as per the burgeoning market needs. Software products, these days, are getting immensely complex, so are their testing techniques and technologies. Consequently, this improves quality demands that too within tight release cycle constraints.

TekMindz is a leading product design, development and QA company that offers reliable QA & testing services. We have a pool of qualified and certified product testing experts who efficiently utilize leading-edge test methodologies and techniques to develop high coverage test suites. Our testing team members are well-equipped to handle both automated testing using tools and manual testing based on test plans and scripts. Our professional experts have significant understanding and knowledge of the need for rigorous testing that has helped to develop our testing strategies and methodologies.

Benefits of Product Testing

Here are the benefits of product testing.

  • It significantly reduces the time involved in product development.
  • It increases customer loyalty and credibility.
  • It may forecast the life expectancy of the product.
  • It ensures that the product quality is maintained.
  • It helps reduce substantial time and costs.
  • It increases profitability.
  • It helps avoid the need for after sales service.

The Advantage you get with TekMindz

We, at TekMindz, provide product testing services for leading global product design companies. Our team of quality assurance experts provides integration, access and functional testing across platforms with the perfect amalgamation of tools and environment.

  • We can help you assess your current testing practices/processes, improve the quality of the product developed, identify testing strategies, develop test plans and test cases, manage and execute tests, and measure test results.
  • We offer comprehensive application core testing services for system testing, system integration testing, regression testing, performance testing, and user acceptance testing.
  • We offer web application testing, mobile application testing (mobile labs), manual and automation testing (load testing).
  • We assist you to achieve optimal utilization of the resources and help excel at the business at a rapid pace yet in a cost-effective manner.
  • We assist you to market your products faster by reducing cycle time and by reducing the unnecessary quality expense while eliminating errors by using well-defined workflows.

Development Challenges Faced by the Development Team

Less Control on Key Factors

There are some factors that lie beyond the limits of control. For example, during the development phase the team has less control on important factors like devices, environments, platforms, and demographics. Also, the software that was built for a particular stakeholder does not remain in complete control of the developers. Given that in this phase there can be uncertain and unpredictable situations that crop up, the development team always stays ready to take up these challenges.

Vague Vision of the Product

The behavior of the product keeps changing in different phases of development. Also, one cannot predict the issues and situations that might suddenly arise leading to product malfunction. Hence, clarity in the vision is important as with a vague vision the outcome can go out of control.

Aggressive Deadlines

There are many product development companies due to which competition is high. So as to beat the competition, strict deadlines are set. At times, working as per these deadlines causes errors in the final outcome of the product. So as to avoid this, proper analysis should be done rather than just trying to meet a deadline. When the work environment is less stressful, it leads to lesser mistakes.

Lack of Confidence

A developer should be confident of himself. Only then will he be able to use his product knowledge to create a product that is accurate and error-free. In most cases a client’s requirement is such that the product has a lot of innovative features. This makes each product unique. Hence, a single formula cannot be used to develop any product. Hence, the developer must be confident enough to understand what the client wants and also to execute the idea.

Lack of Actionable Feedbacks

When the client does not provide exact actionable feedback to the team then it becomes tough for the developer to plan the next steps. After all, it is only with the right feedback that the right product can be developed. Hence, clarity plays an important part in product development.

5 Major Objectives of Product Testing

  • Evaluation of product performance
  • Reduction in the hazards before launching of a new product
  • Identification or recognition of the productive market segments
  • Assembly or collection of all the requirements that are needed to justify customers’ response

The five product testing stages are:

  • Right strategies for testing
  • Right design for test plan
  • Testing execution
  • Testing analysis
  • Learning and development

Learn Why TekMindz for Product Testing

Reusable Test Assets

Based on our experience of working with multiple clients in various domains, we are able to provide solutions at the right time and in the right budget by using methodological testing approaches that include domain specific test cases, business process flows, and related use cases, process templates, and automation framework libraries.

Driven by Business Objectives

The software products should work for your users and for your business. Our methodological testing approach is focused on delivering business objectives and goals and the overall test plan preparation and execution is driven by this uncompromising philosophy.

Automation in the Planning Phase

We explore possibilities of test automation in the planning phase itself. We create a scalable, reusable, and flexible testing framework which starts delivering the benefits of test automation right from the first release of the product.

Testing COE

TekMindz’s Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) leverages the testing ecosystem to offer comprehensive testing solutions so as to deliver enhanced quality and faster time to market for clients.

Featured Highlight

Creation of Quality Software with Comprehensive Testing

Our TCoE combines and establishes a comprehensive testing methodology with a wide range of industry standards and testing tools for its clients to get superior quality software, enhance business readiness, and realize competitive advantage

Featured Case Studies

Helping Client with Robust Mobile Testing Applications

Our hands-on-experience in testing various natures of applications across different mobile OS from across service providers has helped us to devise an effective mobile testing strategy that promises of quality while keeping the budget in control

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