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Application Support & Maintenance

We let you focus on pivotal concerns to achieve a hassle-free introduction of new product releases and upgrades along with improved service response and resolution time.

In today’s competitive digital landscape, failure to execute an application or unexpected downtime can result in losing your customer’s trust and may affect your business credibility. Most organizations are application-driven and require seamless applications for the hassle-free functioning of business processes.

The rapidly changing market dynamics, however, demand that enterprises must ensure that their applications are updated to gain a competitive edge over their rivals and witness growth in business. There must be an innovative approach to application management so that applications must be constantly reinvented to cater to evolving business strategies. With application environment getting more complex, it is important to have a professional application support & maintenance agency.

TekMindz is a leading software app development company in India that offers robust application maintenance and support services to develop customized maintenance solutions to maximize application availability, agility, and compatibility. This would certainly result in lower costs with greater Return on Investment (ROI), less risk and a faster response to market opportunities.

We have an ardent pool of application maintenance and support experts who have ample knowledge and competencies to ensure that your applications are running efficiently with the help of proficient maintenance services. Because application maintenance is a significant element in achieving productivity and streamlining the business process, our application development services can deal with a multitude of domains such as application migration & integration, application re-engineering, and application support.

TekMindz provides end to end application maintenance and support services for tailor-made applications as well as for platform-based solutions. Our application support and maintenance services include enhancements, ITIL services, transition, knowledge transfer, 24*7 support, L1, L2, and L3 support, production support, service help desk, monitoring, etc.

Our best practices in application maintenance and support include:

  • Multi-level (Level 1, 2, 3, 4) support & maintenance capability using a corrective, preventive, adaptive & perfective approach across technologies and business domains.
  • Meeting the challenge of ongoing product support and maintenance with a range of services designed to substantially lower their maintenance costs and ensure timely response and guaranteed service levels.
  • Turnkey, round-the-clock support services with a “backend team” that is able to supplement the core team as necessary, and provide clients with flexibility in addressing migration, maintenance, enhancements and support needs.
Benefits of Application Support & Maintenance

Here are the benefits of application support and maintenance:

  • It allows a flexible approach to suit business needs.
  • It helps perform root cause analysis to resolve complex recurring issues.
  • It results in improved application quality and consistent service levels.
  • It helps to suggest the area of improvements to the system thereby minimizing the possibility of looming business issues.
  • It helps lower costs and increases ROI

The Advantage you get with TekMindz

Here’s why you should choose us:

  • From package evaluation and implementation to upgrades and migration, our wide range of services extends across the lifecycle of enterprise application lifecycle.
  • Our experts help in bug fixing, debugging, troubleshooting and other technical services.
  • Our team of experts offers comprehensive solutions that help organizations to enhance their application.
  • Our experts have a proven track record of providing solutions to companies with innovative application maintenance solutions.


Key Offerings

Application maintenance

Error tracking and debugging

Version upgrades

Version enhancements

Comprehensive user support

Learn Why TekMindz for Application Support & Maintenance

Comprehensive Application Development Services

With the need for businesses to innovate continuously to stay competitive, they reach out to us because we provide customized development services comprising of technologies such as open source tools, automation, packaged solutions, and SMAC

Customer Oriented Approach

We are a client-centric organization that helps clients to achieve their business goals by delivering exceptional business value. Our efficient and sincere team that is committed to quality offer our clients technology solutions that add real value to their business.

Design & Development Like Never Before

With our years of architectural and design experience and our sound technical capabilities we are able to advise you with the best and the optimal options, thus keeping you ahead of your competitors.


With innovation, which is part of our culture, and the key competitive advantage comprising of skilled people, current technology trends, strong procedures, and R&D passion, we provide our customers with profitable software development source, speed onto the market and convenient operating costs

Featured Case Studies

Designing Winning Solutions for our Customers

Like our Nigerian client for whom we designed a single-window system that automation of  driver’s license and vehicle registration, our customers, too, were able to launch national level egovernance applications leveraging our in-depth technical expertise

Innovating for our Clients to Stay Ahead of Competition

We designed an educational and student networking web application. Our innovative mindset has helped our other customers too with solutions that address the latest trends, thus keeping them ahead of competition.

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