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Agile Consulting

Our pro-Agile models help to ensure faster time to market and end-user satisfaction by speeding-up software development lifecycles and enhancing customer experience delivery.

In today’s tech-driven world, transformations are rapidly evolving and have become a complex process, which includes a major change in the culture of an organization. Consequently, enterprises do invest a hefty amount to steer their journey to cope with unforeseen circumstances and to move with the digital amendments. Agile software development has become increasingly popular and important in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. Organizations are aggressively adopting Agile consulting services to improve time-to-market, reduce cost and quickly adapt to changes in their business and IT needs. However, are they doing it the right way? This is where the need for professional assistance comes in.

TekMindz is a leading IT consulting and software development company in India that offers the best Agile consulting services at a shoestring budget. With extensive experience in executing multiple projects on Agile methodologies, we have a team of dexterous and talented Agile practitioners who offer a tailored approach that recommends the right methodologies that can cater to your business and customer needs. Our standard approach is purely based on industry-standard Agile methodologies and strikes a balance between engineering and project management. Our ground-breaking approach and governance models foster communication, coordination, and collaboration among distributed teams, and we collaborate with our clients to understand their experience and develop future road maps to cater to burgeoning customers’ needs.

Benefits of Agile Consulting

Here are the benefits of our Agile consulting services

  • It helps facilitate the different Agile framework processes within the project.
  • It helps expand Agile awareness and practices outside of software development teams.
  • It significantly harnesses different models for measuring project progress in an Agile environment.
  • It helps facilitate metrics for measuring the effectiveness of Agile implementation.
  • It helps to track your time with project trackers in different tools.
  • It helps enhance the efficiency and quality of the project.

The Advantage you get with TekMindz

We, at TekMindz, effectively delve into the principles of lean and Agile, helping in bringing Agility to teams encompassing the people and culture dimension of the business, and finding different new ways to move forward.

  • We have developed our Agile transformation model focused on both quantitative and qualitative aspects from supporting clients from scratch.
  • We have a strong team of certified and seasoned Agile professionals across skills and capabilities for Agile management that have successfully managed projects for large scale corporations and geographically widespread enterprises.
  • Our team of experts would also bring its thought leadership to the table to give a wider view of Agile engineering.
  • We even undertake a performance benchmark and service request resolution times to industry standards.

Our Offerings

Agile consulting

Proven Agile-led methodologies and frameworks for faster deliveries

Continuous delivery transformation

Moving from traditional and iterative waterfall models to continuous integration and continuous delivery

Agile digital

Incorporation of Agile best practices into your digital transformation roadmap for enhanced applications and business performance

Agile analytics

Extrapolating insights from new data steams using Agile and adaptive approaches to data analytics.  

Learn Why TekMindz for Agile

Outpace Competition

By leveraging TekMindz's expertise in designing technical solutions that help to balance important releases with a scalable architecture, our customers are able to quickly outdo their competition, adapt to market dynamics, and meet their present and future objectives.

Strengthen Market Position

Our customers are able to scale instantly and increase their brand value as we have developed products using a future-centric approach.


With TekMindz as their strategic and product engineering partner, customers are able to ideate and get new products developed.

Compete and Win

Based on our product experience expertise that comprises rapid prototyping, feasibility, and product design, our customers are able to stay ahead of competition as we have helped them during the initial stages of market research for new product development.

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