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Digital Product Engineering: The Anatomy of Digital Transformation in IT

Based on a recent McKinsey Global Survey around raising expectations for IT, 85% of respondents indicate that their organizations want operating models to be “fully digital,” but only 18% indicate that they have a roadmap to get there. Additionally,

Using 3D models to digitize your product engineering requirements

The reverse design develops new products based on the improvement of existing products. The shape recovery of three-dimensional (3D) objects is the basis of the product reverse design. 3D digitization technology is an important tool for the 3D shape recovery.

Intelligent Automation - A Big Winner in Product Engineering

To know why should product industries still need to wait to adopt digital automation and die out, while competitors become well-positioned and grow rapidly?

Digital Transformation of Product Engineering

For a product company, digital transformation of Product Engineering  means having to expand their engineering capabilities to areas outside of their core competency, into the uncharted territory of digital technologies.

Role of Business Analyst in Product Engineering

Business Analyst is not just a person who analyzes the business and presents their reports, they undertake and carry out the operations of the product in a timely manner.

Agile Software Development

One of the recent and most significant developments in the world of IT is Agile software development. But what is Agile all about, and why do you need it? This article explains it all.

Keysight Technologies Enables Rapid Product Development with PathWave Test 2020 Software Suite

The digital transformation happening today in engineering enterprises relies on accelerating time-to-market using best in class software and hardware, ” said Jay Alexander, chief technology officer at Keysight Technologies.

How generative design could reshape the future of product development

Today’s technology offers an alternative. Digital simulation and analysis are now so fast that designs can be evaluated in seconds—or even less. Algorithms can automatically adjust the geometry of a part between simulations, with no manual refinement required.

Product Engineering Services Market Size will Escalate Rapidly in the Near Future

With a multi-disciplinary approach, Fact.MR elaborates an extensive analysis of the historical, current and future outlook of the global Product Engineering Services market as well as the factors responsible for such a growth.

Backend Software Architecture Checklist: How to Build a Product from Scratch

This Blog is related to building software architectures from scratch. So if you are interested in knowing the nitty-gritty of the technologies involved, then proceed.

Should your product be using Microservicesarchitecture ?

Microservices architecture is indeed a complex thing to manage given the amount of thought process put into planning/designing those tiny/thin services, setting up CI/CD pipeline, separate git repositories..etc

Thinking forward: experience design trends for 2020

Here is a forecast of what are 10 strongest trends for 2020 about experience design. Checkout this blog written by NunoMarcelio

Is user experience design the key to a more ethical future in software engineering?

Philipp Engel (right), Elsevier’s Director of User Experience, talks with attendees of UXcamp Amsterdam, an “unconference” for user experience that Philipp co-organizes and which Elsevier sponsored for the second time this year.

Top 10 Best UI & UX Tools for Web Developers

It would be best if you had the right UI and UX tools to uphold these standards and create websites that meet user expectations.

Four reasons to automate security testing with instrumentation

While the idea of “automation” may seem like a modern concept, it actually dates back to around 762 B.C. when the concept was first introduced in Homer’s epic battle poem The Iliad.

Software Testing & QA Trends for 2020 and the Next Decade

Here are 5 Software Testing trends that will impact the industry in 2020 and the next decade. Consider incorporating each of them into your QA strategy for 2020.

Why you should treat live production like a test

How much like production is my Test Environment? This is a question that is posed inside many organizations and online test and tech forums.

Software Testing Market Growth, Statistics, By Application, Production, Revenue & Forecast To 2017 – 2025

The digital transformation happening today in engineering enterprises relies on accelerating time-to-market using best in class software and hardware, ” said Jay Alexander, chief technology officer at Keysight Technologies.


The Outsourced Software Testing Market research presents a study by combining primary as well as secondary research. The report gives insights on the key factors concerned with generating and limiting Outsourced Software Testing market growth.

Software Testing in 2020: 7 Biggest Trends

Some of the top testing trends for 2020 include increased use of automation and AI, more DevOps and Agile testing, and the use of more open source.a