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AI & Machine Learning

Our AI & machine learning solutions help create breakthrough results, drive growth, and optimize operational efficiency for your organization.

Businesses, over the last few years, have been disrupted in certain aspects – thanks to the growing machine-intelligence systems. Today’s world is certainly a cognitive time where systems can listen and respond to every interaction we make, and can transform the existing benchmarks in this tech-dominating realm with the advanced digital transformation solutions. However, things get tangled a bit when it comes to building highly-customized solutions running on advanced machine learning algorithms. This is where the importance of professional assistance comes in.

TekMindz is a prominent IT consulting and software development company in India that offers next-gen AI & machine learning solutions to drive competitive advantage and generate positive outcomes for your business. We have a team of artificial intelligence and machine learning experts who develop AI-powered mobile applications, AI-specific solutions, and intelligent data, to help you build highly scalable and cost-effective digital products & solutions while significantly minimizing labor & infrastructure costs.

Our experts are well-versed with the tactics of both AI & ML and have the ability to strategize and execute artificial intelligence services, integrated with cognitive technology to provide an optimal support to your business applications along with a wide gamut of services including NLP, deep learning, user behavior analytics, advanced business analytics, big data analytics, and more.

Benefits of AI & Machine Learning

Here are the benefits of AI & machine learning.

  • It can help in areas such as dynamic risk analysis, anti-malware, and anomaly detection.
  • It helps eliminate deficiencies in the automation, speed, and accuracy (decision-making) of these technologies that will continuously require work.
  • It significantly reduces the complexity of the analysis performed manually.
  • It helps in the detection of spam and pitfalls.
  • It helps offer product recommendations with a detailed financial analysis.

The Advantage you get with TekMindz

We, at TekMindz, have profound knowledge and understanding of AI & ML and subsequently, develop solutions with capabilities for numerous business verticals including security, finance, legal, and many more. Our AI consulting and machine learning expertise adds a layer of intelligence to the system to efficiently handle multifaceted analytical tasks faster than a human can ever do.

  • We have proper machine learning capabilities from edge to cloud because of our expertise in frameworks like Caffe, Keras, TensorFlow, Theano, etc.
  • Our experts are well-versed with renowned hardware platforms like NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Texas Instrument, NXP, etc.
  • Our dedicated engineers design and build algorithms from scratch.
  • We are a pioneer in building solutions using open source libraries.
  • We have robust partnerships with cloud platforms like IBM Watson, Google Cloud Azure, AWS, etc.
  • Our dedicated consultants own advanced expertise in neural network architectures like Inception V3, VGGNet, SqueezeNet, and AlexaNet.

Learn Why TekMindz for AI & Machine Learning

Outpace Competition

By leveraging TekMindz's expertise in designing technical solutions that help to balance important releases with a scalable architecture, our customers are able to quickly outdo their competition, adapt to market dynamics, and meet their present and future objectives.

Strengthen Market Position

Our customers are able to scale instantly and increase their brand value as we have developed products using a future-centric approach.


With TekMindz as their strategic and product engineering partner, customers are able to ideate and get new products developed.

Compete and Win

Based on our product experience expertise that comprises rapid prototyping, feasibility, and product design, our customers are able to stay ahead of competition as we have helped them during the initial stages of market research for new product development.

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