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Product Support

Our dedicated product support teams provide consistent technical support to help brands deliver and sustain product quality and performance.

Be it a rapidly evolving technology, mushrooming customer expectations, or the high cost of operations, organizations across the globe are facing business challenges related to high customer churn. The sky-high demand for Internet-based devices and sophisticated products are making it demanding for businesses to efficiently manage these devices. Furthermore, lack of resources, time, and technology play a paramount role in making everything daunting for organizations. Companies now are relentlessly focusing on improving their product support processes for customer acquisition and retention.

TekMindz is a leading product development company in India that delivers high-end product support services while leveraging multiple channels such as e-mail, chat, voice, and web-based support across industries to envelop the entire product life cycle. We endeavor to build immense customer loyalty through rapid troubleshooting and resolving queries. Our product support services include a multitude of aspects such as consumer hardware, consumer support services, technical support services, IT & software support services.

We have a team of product testing experts and analysts who efficiently addresses every aspect of the product lifecycle including integration and rollout, technical support, customization and configuration, and managed services in areas that could impact new technology integration. Our exceptional product maintenance and support services help companies generate new revenue streams while augmenting customer experience management.

Benefits of Product Support

Here are the benefits of product support.

  • It helps increase sales, ensuring customers to try out your products/services.
  • It promotes customer loyalty, allowing them to be a source of recommending your business to friends and family.
  • It helps enhance the public image and build a brand and provides the utmost protection.
  • It results in more satisfied customers that help create a positive working environment.

The Advantage you get with TekMindz

Here’s why you should choose us.

  • We strive to provide multi-level product support coupled with remote support technology platforms that efficiently service smart devices.
  • We adopt a lean approach/standardized industry best practices to substantially increase first-time resolution and reduce waste.
  • Using an integrated business management system, we manage the entire lifecycle of product-related operations.
  • We even help optimize costs while maintaining focus on improved response time and support product quality.
  • Our extensive software portfolio helps reduce time to market.
  • From product design to deployment and support operations, our deep domain expertise help to proactively detect problems.

Product Support

TekMindz has a well-defined production support management processes which allow effective capture, reporting, tracking and resolution of Issues. This process supports a distributed delivery environment wherein work responsibilities can be effectively divided between the various organizations depending on the request / problem levels.

Each of these activities will be governed by Service Level Agreements (SLA) which may be mutually decided by DMI and its client. Operation Level Agreements (OLA) are defined between the teams to achieve the SLA.

Activities covered are:

  • Request / problem management
  • Management of incidents
  • Processing of incidents
  • Work around
  • Resolution
  • Deployment of patches
  • Root cause analysis

TekMindz is capable of providing the following production support services for the business-critical applications with stringent SLAs for response, work around and resolution of issues. Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to provide the following services for the agreement period:

  • Provide L2 Support for addressing the queries raised by L1 Support i.e. Help Desk System.
  • Provide L3 Support for fixing any product defects identified in the development done by TekMindz.
  • Any additional development and changes requirement will be handled through Project Change Request.
  • All escalations are monitored by the project manager who acts proactively to ensure timely resolution of a problem / issue. The project manager and the customer’s project coordinator will review the log-report on a bi-monthly basis. The review would be focused on finding long-term solutions to recurring problems, and to minimize their recurrence. Call and issue escalation status is discussed at monthly status meetings.

Scope of L1,L2 & L3 Support

Every problem reported by customer regarding support will be entered into the ticketing system and a token number will be generated by the system, OR, Incidents can be reported in the form of emails explaining the scenarios that have issue, TekMindz team member will issue a token for the same. Problem tracking starts from hereon. Once resolved; the status of that token gets updated by the support team member and an email is sent to the requester.

L1 Support

  • The L1 support will be provided using Help Desk System of Client/ TekMindz
  • The L1 Team will address the calls directly from clients
  • The L1 team will address the calls that are related to the usage of the application. In case it is required to analyze the system from back end, the L1 team will forward the request to the L2 support team.

L2 Support

  • The L2 support will be provided by deploying a technical support engineer
  • The L2 support engineer will analyze the issue by checking the environment health, executing any database queries, and any configuration parameters
  • In case the issue is identified as a defect and requires source code changes, the same will be logged into the call registered and assigned to the L3 support team

L3 Support

  • The L3 Team will do the root cause analysis and identify the fix/code change to be made.
  • After fixing the defect, the testing team will test the application and release it for UAT or release it to the production support team of the customer to deploy it on production.

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