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Top 5 Google Cloud Tools for Application Development

Top Google Cloud tools for web application development. Google gives a wide scope of instruments and administrations for its clients. Checkout this blog

Accelerating cloud-native application development in the enterprise

Organizations want to use Kubernetes and cloud native technology to innovate faster in the enterprise where security, governance, and compliance are top of mind.

The Road to Integration: Part 2 — Application Development

The next step is to build your IOTA-powered solution. This article is written by Michele Nati. View this blog.

Progressive Web Application Development: Cost of Services & Main Tools

Are you anxious to embrace the potential of this advanced technology but have no idea where to start? We are ready to help. View this blog

Top 9 IDE & Tools for Flutter Development

We have curated a list of 9 Best Tools for Flutter Development. You can use these flutter app development tools to create a user friendly and efficient application

10 Trends that will Shape the Landscape of Web Application Development in 2020

Web application development is set to evolve as we’re at the dawn of a new decade in 2020. There are so many things that could change the way people access web applications.

Top 7 Mobile Application Development Trends for 2020

The mobile app development industry is one of the fastest-growing industries at present. There is no room for the mobile industry to get slow down as the technology gets smarter by the time, one can expect great opportunities in the future.

Android Application Development: Captivating Trends for 2020

Android reception has developed significantly, taking out rivals in the race of advancement and the overall industry. Every year, Android is proceeding with new strategies and instruments in mobile applications improvement.

How FinTech Application Development Transforms the Finance Industry

FinTech or Financial technology has become a popular industry for helping to innovate financial transaction services and online security.

4 Advantages to Customized Business Process Design Automation

The important advantages that customized business software can bring to your company? Here’s our top 4.

GraphQL API Integration In Asp.Net Core Application

GraphQL is a query language for your API and a server-side runtime for executing queries by using a type system you define for your data. GraphQL can be integrated into any framework like ASP.NET, Java, NestJs, etc

Cisco and AWS Team Up for Better Application Performance, Enhanced Security

Our goal is to make it more straightforward for you to deploy new apps on hybrid networks, to make apps more manageable using the Cisco network tools you already have, and to save your business money in the process.

Software Development Updating Trends

Software Development | News, how-tos, features, reviews, and videos. … Take advantage of these Kubernetes companions to simplify app definitions, migrate etc..

Top 5 DevOps Trends for 2020

The DevOps world moves fast. The mission to build, test, and release software as quickly and reliably as possible produces constant change and innovation. What trends can we expect through 2020 in DevOps?

Automation Hacks for DevOps Teams

DevOps teams are expected to do more work in less time. They need to plan, test, build, secure and release applications at a fast-paced rate. Of course, the DevOps team needs to achieve all of this while maintaining high software quality.

How to Use DevOps for Compliance

In many organizations, DevOps combines development and operations. With it comes automation, efficiency and more transparency. With DevOps, changes can be rolled out much quicker.

DevOps Spotlight Insights

DevOps news and training resources from DZone, the trusted source for learning advanced software … CI/CD Processes And Tools For AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

DevOpsGroup Blog

Read the latest thoughts from our team on all things DevOps, Cloud and Agile.

DevOps Upcoming Trends

Continuous deployment is what makes DevOps so special. Instead of releasing application updates every 1-6 months

Compare GitOps vs. DevOps for modern app deployments

Despite some overlap, GitOps and DevOps differ in several important ways, especially as organizations embrace containers and application componentization.

Building and testing iOS and iPadOS apps with AWS DevOps and mobile services

AWS has a collection of tools designed to help developers build, test, configure, and release cloud-based applications for mobile devices. This blog post shows you how to leverage some of those tools and integrate third-party build tools like Jenkins into a CI/CD Pipeline in AWS for iOS app development and testing.


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