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EV Expertise

TekMindz offers fully-customized software services for e-mobility and shared mobility operators, providing end-to-end software scalability to improve charging facilities.


TekMindz is committed to working with EV operators and various key players in the ecosystem to enable green and clean environment mobility. We offer fully-customized solutions for EV Charger Manufacturers, CPOs, eMSPs, Fleet Companies, Utility Companies, Automobile OEMs and shared mobility businesses to make e-mobility more accessible at apartments, condominium and other real estate establishments.

We provide product development consulting, architecture, development, testing, integration, maintenance and support solutions across all stages of the product lifecycle in the Electric Vehicle Charging domain. Our offerings encompass a wide array of services whether you are in the execution stage of your product roadmap, or are building a solution concept that needs validation and enhancement.

Executed Stage

Protocol Implementation

TekMindz has successfully implemented OCPP protocols and used OpenADR to increase interoperability. TekMindz has developed OCPP 1.2, 1.5, 1.6 for its clients and has started working on OCPP 2.0. We have enabled our clients in expanding their offerings to Smart Grid by developing Grid Balancing solutions implementing OpenADR2.0b and much more.

Central Server Management System Features

Our solutions Central Server Management cater to many e-mobility and shared mobility operators. We are experts in providing end-to-end software scalability to improve charging facilities. We have been providing fully-custom application development, testing and maintenance services for Central Server Management Systems and helping charging stations operators to integrate their EV charging platform effectively.

Analytics & Visualization

TekMindz’s Analytics team leverages data from a network of unified interfaces of cloud solutions, application development and maintenance services, hardware services and technical support teams, delivering improved user experiences to the EV drivers and EV operators. Our expertise in Data Analytics for Electric Vehicle Integration include Big data analytics platforms and EV integration, Hadoop and HBase, R statistical analysis, Pig script, MySQL and more.

Network Operations

We support a variety of EV charging programs throughout the world leveraging our network operations center capabilities. Our EV charging network software solutions render unmatched flexibility, which helps to handle the EV charging stations from an exclusive location.

Asset Management

Our solution for electric vehicle asset management help electric vehicle fleet owners to develop customized solutions for easy management of their vehicle fleets, assets and infrastructure.  This includes systems integrations for charging point operators, fleet monitoring, tracking driver behavior, SOC of EV batteries, integration with EV telematics and much more.

Fleet Management

Our Fleet management solutions are designed to help clients successfully go through various product lifecycles like POC, fast prototypes, designing viable products – finally going for the full-blown product development. TekMindz also has a well-developed system for charging point operators. We make sure that every facility and integration is available to the charge point operators.

Concept Stage

Battery Storage

We collaborate with electric vehicle manufacturers and charge solutions service providers to cater to the ever increasing need for energy storage by implementing the latest storage solutions for electric vehicle batteries. Our technology solutions allow integration of electric vehicle batteries into the power grid.

Vehicle 2 Grid

We are experts in developing technology to implement V2G technology and reduce the operating cost of electric vehicles. We endeavor to meet the renewable goals of the future by utilizing alternative sources of energy. Learn how we have developed Grid Balancing services by implementing OpenADR2.0b and more.

Microgrid Cloud Integration

TekMindz has a Center of Excellence (CoE) dedicated to building IoT-enabled real-time data analytics architectures capable of supporting multi-latency data analytics for optimization of micro-grid operations through cloud gateways. We enable optimal energy utilization using Real Time Energy data by collecting the data from distributed charge points, aggregating the data and monitoring the aggregate data via a cloud gateway.

Energy Optimization & Forecasting

We help EV operators deliver improved services by being able to process, monitor and optimize key data points such as average site demand, battery power, meter demand, load curtailment and more for higher efficiency, utilization and throughput.

Protocol Implementation (Future Release)

Our expertise in protocol implementation are deep and span over a decade. We have implemented OCPP 1.2,1.5,1.6 and have worked directly with OCA. We have also started working on OCPP 2.0. We have enabled our clients in expanding their offerings to Smart Grid

Integrations, having developed Grid Balancing services by implementing OpenADR2.0b.

We are currently engaged in implementing OCPI. Find out more about our capabilities.

Learn Why TekMindz for EV Industry

EV Expertise

TekMindz has a strong EV industry domain experience of 8+ years. We have developed EV charging platform comprising of OCPP, OpenADR, OCPI, analytics for utilities, fleets, eBus OEMs etc.

Single Stop Shop for EV Technology Services

We have done new product development, MVP, SAAS based, white labelled solution, mobile application development, product sustenance, modernisation, independent testing, maintenance, providing NOC support, embedded systems and have a strong partner ecosystem with consulting firms in this domain.


We have developed OCPP accelerator for web based CMS and mobile application that works as a starting point of development for CMS and saves the initial 3 to 4 calendar months of development. We have initiated the development of accelerator on OpenADR, fleets, and dashboard analytics

EV Academy

We are investing in learning new protocols like OCPP 2.0.1, V2G, 15118 etc. We also train new teams on protocols like OCPP 1.6, OpenADR, OCPIetc

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