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DHIS2 Offerings

DHIS2 Offerings

Solution Development and Implementation

We create solutions that fulfil your requirement and is also future-ready after carefully listening to you understand the pain areas.

  • Requirement collection (consisting of and not limited to documentation, workflows, defining KPIs, Reports), design, development, testing of an end-to-end solution where DHIS2 is one of the key components
  • Custom solution design and development as per the challenges right from data collection to dashboard creation
  • Configuring metadata
  • Collecting data to track the filed-events by using a mobile application

Dashboard and Visualization

Everything is data -how we capture it and how we present it. We visualize data in a manner that helps you predict and prevent events by understanding the background story to a particular data-set.

  • Designing the visualizations using the Dashboard Visualization feature of DHIS2 to share the information in the best possible way for ease of comprehension
  • Custom development for features which are not available in DHIS2

Integration and Interoperability

We help in integrating data from multiple platforms to have a more unified approach where each of these platforms can talk to each other in a seamless manner.

  • Working with experts to integrate DHIS 2 with OpenMRS and other systems
  • Helping in ETL process of extracting the data from various data sources and integrating with the core DHIS2 system


simple motto is to test, test and test again so that nothing is left to chance. We conduct extensive tests in extreme scenarios to deploy flawless solutions.

  • Documenting test strategies, test plans, test cases and providing independent testing services
  • Assisting teams with the defects and issues found
  • Testing includes UAT, Pilot and more

Deployment and Hosting

We can also help you with deploying and hosting the solution after creating one as per your needs and requirements.

  • Designing systems with cloud-ready architecture
  • Assisting your team to deploy the solution on the cloud without hassle

Maintenance & Support

As we said before we just don’t build a solution, we intend to ensure your success. Whether its upgrade or maintenance at different stages or remote or on-site support, we are always going to be there.

  • Providing maintenance and support services and enabling them to focus on the core areas
  • Providing enhancements, defect fixing for issues found in production
  • Providing L2, L3 support services to ensure that the system is up and running
  • Providing the required support at any stage of the implementation

Capacity Building and Training

We not just build products, we build teams by extending our training services to make complete use of the solution. We help your teams to run, manage and extract maximum information from the deployed platforms. These trainings can be custom-made as per the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders.

  • Providing virtual online training on a solution developed to client-end users
  • Providing customized training based on the scope of requirements
  • Providing Training Materials like user guides on videos and PowerPoint
  • Obtaining, improving and retaining the skills and knowledge to maintain the solution developed

Technical Advice

  • Providing guidance on designing the solutions and other best practices to be implemented and more

Why TekMindz for DHIS2

Opensource Healthcare Frameworks Expertise

Expertise of developing custom-built solutions using Opensource frameworks like OpenMRS, DHIS2, and Opensource technologies for various non-profit healthcare IT organizations, Pharmaceuticals, NGOs, the Ministry of Health etc

Innovation in Healthcare Solutions Expertise

Expertise of developing innovative tailor-made healthcare products and solutions using Open source technologies like Java, .Net

OpenMRS Expertise

Expertise of developing EMR solutions using OpenMRS framework for more than 4 years and contributing to the opensource community

DHIS2 Expertise

Expertise of integrating OpenMRS with DHIS2 using ETL and data warehousing solutions and, developing analytical dashboards using DHIS2

Featured Highlight

OpenMRS Aiding a War-hit Nation

Our expertise inOpenMRS customization for localized unique requirements enabled our customer to attend to the needs of the war- hit country

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