Technology Partners

At TekMindz, we have been enabling start-ups deliver greater value to their customers by helping them enhance and future enable their product offerings and achieve rapid time to market. We understand the culture, the challenges and the nuisances of a start-up and hence we are able to massively support their growth initiatives at any stage of their lifespan.

With focus on innovation, validation and support, we enable ISVs in lean product development, cost-effective product sustenance and extended ownership.

We work with Organizations to build strategic, business partner, alliances – and focus on transforming the “run the business” initiative of their technology sourcing budgets with a “change the business” outcome. We make it possible by offering the best technology engagement, delivery and financial models, adopting the most optimum technologies and building sustainable, trust-based relationships with our clients.

Bringing the Advantage in Managed Technology Delivery

At TekMindz, we add tremendous value to businesses as global technology services delivery partner by substantially increasing IT value to business operations.

We are able to create such value through our proven global delivery capabilities, stable governance, cost-effectiveness, strong technical capabilities, strictly defined and adhered to SLAs (Service Level Agreements), project management expertise and delivery capabilities.

Long-term, Strategic Business Relations

We build successful long-term strategic relationships with our clients that mature beyond the initial tactical stages and evolve over increasing range of services. As technology evolves and market needs undergo rapid shifts, we provide service capabilities that support our clients’ current business needs while also supporting the depth and breadth of evolving and future market needs.

Adaptability and Responsiveness

The market is constantly evolving. IT needs are never static. Therefore, we constantly work to grow our capacity to deliver IT and IT services that are constantly realigning to changing business changes. Our willingness and ability provider to promptly effectively respond to changes is strengthened by our flexible approaches at lowest possible costs. Our strategic, business partner level relationships are built upon high levels of responsiveness and flexibility to our clients.

Proven Delivery Processes and Methodologies

We leverage on our qualified and skilled resources, robust and replicable processes, and consistently deployed methodologies and tools to provide optimal business outcomes in support of our customers’ global expansion efforts.

Commercial Flexibility and Maturity

Our mature, transparent and equitable engagement approach, pricing models, flexibility to adopt new delivery models based on the client’s specific requirements and the ability to adjust to unexpected external changes to the economy and business environments enable us to build and nurture sustainable business relationships with our customers. We take a leadership role in structuring a win-win relationship with our clients to ensure their sustainable profits and thus consistently delivering the highest quality of service delivery to the client.

Quality Processes and Professionalism

At TekMindz, we have a simple philosophy – to empower our clients and add an unprecedented business value to their customers. We make it possible by offering the best engagement, delivery and financial model, adopting the most optimum technologies through empowering professionals and building trust-based relationships with our clients. TekMindz offer a range of flexible engagement models to serve unique business requirements.

Our Development processes are well-established, time-tested, transparent, CMMi Level 3 assessed and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.