TekMindz has a focused Mobility Centre of Excellence (CoE) team, which works on building mobility solutions across industry segments. We work with companies throughout their mobility journey to enable them to maximize the potential of their mobile implementation.

Models for Mobile Enterprise

Innovations happening in mobile arena, combined with wide range of platforms and releases have stretched the resources of companies. Mobility today offers newer business streams, but managing mobile implementation has become a much more complex affair.

We are helping businesses work beyond traditional IT models and bringing mobility specific business models that support mobile driven processes.

Mobile Driven Processes

The adoption of smartphones with the disappearance of business/ consumer divide in terms of adoption of technologies, companies are increasingly forced to revamp completely from business processes stand point, so as to realize the potential benefits of mobiles.

We are bringing solutions centered on the concept of mobility, which involve cutting edge technologies such as web and Analytics, use context-driven and location-aware and social data to influence the way companies function.

IT Policies for Smartphone Apps

Enterprises are facing tremendous security challenges with the coming of personal mobile devices trends or BYOD.

We help companies enable their people in securely accessing corporate data while preserving the mobile experience on their personal devices. We are enabling the management of Apps and devices for enterprises safely and securely, supporting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

TekMindz has been offering mobile computing solutions to its global clientele that includes mobile extensions of business applications and mobile apps that increase productivity as well as entertain.

TekMindz’s mobile computing competencies include:

  • Operating systems: Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, Symbian, BADA
  • Technologies : J2ME, WAP, Mobile SDKs, Xamarin
  • Development tools: Visual Studio, Eclipse

We leverage best practices & solution accelerators for cross-platform mobile application development with its highly skilled architects trained on various device platforms. We develop a mobility strategy with an architecture that provides an end-to-end enterprise mobility solution and evolves as an easy integration to enable access on multiple OS platforms.


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