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Product Design

Our holistic and integrated process allows us to support clients at every stage in the new product development cycle.

Product design, nowadays, plays an imperative role in a multitude of things such as branding, promoting and selling a product. It can be defined as the act of conceptualizing a design for a product and translating the concept into reality. It is a systematic process in which certain factors are considered. Every step of the process is efficiently analyzed. There’s an involvement of multiple factors like customer expectations, dimensions, materials used, tolerances, product testing, production process. The success or the failure of a product in the market is an important issue for the reputation and profit of a business organization.

TekMindz is a prominent product design and development company that provides systematic product design support services from conceptualization to testing and finalizing a product. We have a team of highly talented and experienced technicians who work systematically with the customer’s design team to help the designers in drafting the best quality product in keeping with market expectations. Our greatest strength lies in the fact that we are always is in constant communication with clients so that all the stages involved in the process of new product development are conducted in collaboration.

Benefits of Product Design

Here are some of the benefits of product design.

  • It helps increase market footprint of your products or services.
  • It significantly helps improve your reputation on the market.
  • It boosts customer loyalty.
  • It substantially reduces customer complaints.
  • It helps build a stronger identity for your business.
  • It helps create new products and services and open up new markets.
  • It helps reduce time to market for new products and services.

The Advantage you get with TekMindz

Whether you need to pitch a complete innovation for a new product or improve the quality of an existing one to deliver a beautiful and usable product, our talented and dedicated product design team can help you achieve business goals. Here are the reasons to choose our product design and development services.

  • We offer product design services range from ideation to UI & UX design, research, product review, and digital branding.
  • We help in the minimization of the operational time and cost.
  • We rigorously maintain constraints of product maintenance and even provide product support services thereafter.
  • We maintain integrity of as many product characteristics as possible.
  • We often use iterative methodology to support high-quality user experience/interfaces and constantly changing requirements.
  • We design products based on consumer demands and business needs.

Service Offerings

Interactive Design

Our team of professionals believes in structured and properly mapped design approach from the inception. We start from the scratch and analyse all the papers of prototyping and all the early design concepts to shape the high-level interactive design using simple interactive media. Here at TekMindz, our aim is to achieve efficient interactive design that is effective in the industry.

Front-end Development

We follow design-led engineering process to bridge the gap between the design and the features. This existing front-end gap often hampers the flow of the development. Our team of skilled professionals is expert in crafting enticing design and in creating the fast paced, user-friendly and responsive lean code that is functional and best in the industry.

Usability Testing

We believe that usability testing is one of the crucial steps in the design practice. The outcome of usability testing offers the real inputs about how real users are going to use the entire system and accomplish defined tasks. At TekMindz, we consider the most systematic approach for usability testing, so that the process becomes simpler and hassle free in creating the better user experiences.

Learn Why TekMindz for Product Design

Innovating New Products

By using TekMindz’s prototype approach, customers are able to develop new and error-free products and also launch these in the market faster and more cost-effectively than the competition.

Design Research

Our new product design and development approach includes extensive research methodologies, and heuristic evaluation of features, buyer personas and user expectations to uncover valuable insights.

Human-centered Service Design

TekMindz values its customers and thus creates services that are user-friendly, meets the needs of the market, and are competitive. Our services help to build user-journeys that provide delightful customer experience.

Usable Products

TekMindz has a structured approach to create prototypes – we use paper prototypes to ideate the initial design ideas for early design concepts and thereafter use uncomplicated interactive media to develop high-level design prototypes.

Featured Highlight

Innovation Strengthening Market Position

Based on our design thinking, product experience expertise, that comprises rapid prototyping, feasibility, and product design. We have helped entrepreneurs to test the market by building a usable future-centric MVP version of the product. It is a Mobile White Label solution, developed within 3 months, achieving their time to market needs

Featured Case Studies

Redefining Customer Experience

By using a research design approach that is interactive in nature, TekMindz is able to explore the needs of the customers as well as gather a detailed understanding of the expectations of the end-user so as to create winning products.

User Experience Design

Customers benefit by using TekMindz’s UX design approach as our UX researchers and designers create winning products that meet customer preferences and provide rich and intuitive end user experiences and interfaces that are innovative, task-driven, and user-friendly.

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