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Product Architecture

We are a pioneer in delivering multi-dimensional product architecture by applying scientifically driven agile and flexible delivery models.

Regardless of the size and genre of your business, it is incredibly important to have a successful architecture for a brand new product in this tech-dominating world where you deal with evolving IT infrastructure. The challenges, however, increase when it comes to moving towards the final implementation of the product. It’s very important to incorporate robust product architecture into your strategy to ensure your software product behaves the way you want. Product architecture is primarily concerned with the functionality of any software product. The overall function of the product is reviewed and several sub-functions are identified, which would eventually help to achieve the overall function. TekMindz is the best product development company in India that caters to all your product architecture needs. We have a fervent crew of talented product architects who endeavor to bring clarity to product maintenance by creating strategies that address these concerns and more. We provide comprehensive goals and engineer meaningful solutions that would let you establish a strong foothold on the market.

At TekMindz, we deploy the following 6 Architectural Patterns:

  • The Layered Architectural Pattern
  • The Microkernel Architectural Pattern
  • The CQRS Architectural Pattern
  • The Event Sourcing Architectural Pattern
  • The Serverless Architectural Pattern
  • The Microservices Architectural Pattern
Benefits of Product Architecture

Some of the key benefits of TekMindz’s product architecture services are:

  • We eliminate redundant work by creating new products
  • Enhanced business intelligence
  • Multitude of options for product offering from a single filed product
  • Significantly reduced workload associated with the enhancements of product support services
  • Helps in reducing workload and minimizing the downtime in development to increase speed to market

The Advantage you get with TekMindz

We, at TekMindz, strive to improve your existing product development capabilities by delivering the right technology for the product expectations of your customers. From solution designing to delivery, we provide end-to-end product development services that ultimately benefit your business. Here’s what we do.

  • We define your business requirements and product testing documentation.
  • We choose the right stack of technology applicable to the requirement of product support.
  • We design robust product architecture with a focus on reducing the product development efforts.
  • We follow the factory approach to produce the best products that ultimately eliminate substantial efforts and enhance product quality to the fullest.
  • We often use automation testing tools to reduce manual efforts and gear up the validation time of the product.
  • We follow an agile approach to product design and development services to ensure quick and quality delivery.

TekMindz’s software architectural services are designed to support multi-dimensional software architectures by applying TekMindz’s proven development and delivery model to meet its customers’ needs. Our software architectural services address some of the following critical business concerns:

  • Modernizing both hardware and software systems to reduce application complexity and optimize IT infrastructure
  • Increasing application quality and scalability
  • Improving application security while integrating multiple applications, devices, and data
  • Monitoring performance and usage and optimizing systems

SOLID Principals

It stands for each of the classes which have single accountability or responsibility and one single reason for modification.

We believe that a class should be scalable for extension and closed for modifications. Precisely, it should be easy adding more functionality, at the same time existing functions should not be edited.

According to this principle developers should not able to break the application logic at any point of time. They are inherited in that way only. For example, if a subordinate class like “CDClass” inherits some patterns from the senior class or “AbClass”, the subordinate should not able to replicate any functionality of the senior class.

One single class can implement several interfaces. Hence, categorizing interfaces or structuring the right code is important. A class should never be forced to implement any function that is not relevant and serves the purpose of the development.

Following Test-Driven Development or TDD for an application development helps you to know the importance of decoupling the code for modularity and testability.

Learn Why TekMindz for Product Architecture

Stay Ahead of Changing Markets

Customers are able to introduce new products into the market by using TekMindz’ user-centered product design and development process.

Outpace Competition

By leveraging TekMindz’s expertise in designing technical solutions that help to balance important releases with a scalable architecture, our customers are able to quickly outdo their competition, adapt to market dynamics, and meet their present and future objectives.

Increase Adoption and Engagement

Customers benefit by using TekMindz’s UX design approach as our UX researchers and designers create winning products that meet customer preferences and provide rich and intuitive end user experiences and interfaces that are innovative, task-driven, and user-friendly.

Agile Product Engineering

TekMindz offers engineering services both at the frontend and at the backend for new products and features as well as for re-platforming and modernization of legacy application portfolios.

Featured Highlight

Common Aggregated Payment platform

By using the product thinking approach, TekMindz integrated with a Core Banking Solution (CBS) of majority of banks of the region to build a secure online payment solution that made bill presentation and payment simpler and quicker. By using a future-centric, new product development approach, we helped our customers to meet their time to market needs which resulted in rapid validation, faster time to market, and cost reduction.

Featured Case Studies

Making The Difference Through Technology

With the product thinking approach TekMindz has partnered with numerous government ministries and municipalities in over 20 eGovernance projects to help in achieving growth.

How Tekmindz's Product Architecture Helped Our Customers Outpace Competition

By leveraging TekMindz’s expertise our customers are able to quickly outdo their competition, adapt to market dynamics, and meet their present and future objectives.

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