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Product Development Offerings

We devise integrated solutions for EV businesses, providing complete fleet solutions for electric vehicle charging and management.

Product Road Map Advisory Services

The electric vehicle industry is growing faster than ever before and with it, the demand from the customers are also spiraling. The electric vehicle industry needs to remove the roadblocks like lack of charging infrastructure, quick battery drains and special maintenance requirements to promote growth.

Benefits of Product Roadmap Advisory

It is important to devise a complete roadmap that would facilitate customers to take full advantage of their EV vehicle and infrastructure for EV utility vehicles. Product lifecycle management or PLM is incredibly valuable as it helps to streamline the process of product management. It will help to manage relations with customer and bring in efficiency to the EV industry.

Product Development Offerings by TekMindz

TekMindz can facilitate these changes by developing an integrated electric vehicle fleet management solution. We cater to the following type of customers:

Customers looking for complete solutions and fleet management

Customers having their existing fleet management system and willing to upgrade to EVS based telematics

Customers who have their own CMS

Customers who have their own CMS, FMS and BMS solutions. People who have also purchased EV Telematics

TekMindz specializes in catering to solutions for each of these customers types. We partner with EV charging owners to give them top-notch solutions for their management. It is important to remember that electric vehicles have specialized requirements. So, maintenance software like BMS is essential to monitor and to diagnose problems. Moreover, a BMS solution helps to alert drivers to schedule their maintenance for certain specific parts. TekMindz helps customers to devise integrated solutions for their vehicle management. We specialize in developing an integrated solution and providing complete fleet solutions for electric vehicle charging. So, for a range of customer-centric solutions contact us immediately.

TekMindz has a solution offering for each of the below-mentioned customers

Learn Why TekMindz for EV Industry

EV Expertise

TekMindz has a strong EV industry domain experience of 8+ years. We have developed EV charging platform comprising of OCPP, OpenADR, OCPI, analytics for utilities, fleets, eBus OEMs etc.

Single Stop Shop for EV Technology Services

We have done new product development, MVP, SAAS based, white labelled solution, mobile application development, product sustenance, modernisation, independent testing, maintenance, providing NOC support, embedded systems and have a strong partner ecosystem with consulting firms in this domain.


We have developed OCPP accelerator for web based CMS and mobile application that works as a starting point of development for CMS and saves the initial 3 to 4 calendar months of development. We have initiated the development of accelerator on OpenADR, fleets, and dashboard analytics

EV Academy

We are investing in learning new protocols like OCPP 2.0.1, V2G, 15118 etc. We also train new teams on protocols like OCPP 1.6, OpenADR, OCPIetc

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