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OCPP Overview

What is OCPP

OCPP is simply a syntax (language) used to communicate between a networked charging station and a network management system such as ChargePoint. Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) was defined by an informal group known as the OCPP Forum led by two companies from the Netherlands.
++ The OCPP Forum has over 50 members. ChargePoint has been an active member of the OCPP Forum for many years.
++OCPP is not copyrighted and is freely available for use by anyone at no cost.
++OCPP has evolved over the last 5 years from its initial release to Version 1.2, which was the first version to be deployed in production charging stations, and then to the current Version, 1.5.
++OCPP Version 2.0, is a work in progress, that further expands functionality and is currently undergoing a review process prior to its expected release in 2014.

Benefits and Impacts of OCPP

“In simple terms, achieving such interoperability relies either on a proprietary standard or on an open standard. The main difference between these two types of standards is that open standard movement aims at establishing industry-wide or nationwide interoperability among its stakeholders by preventing the rise of any monopolistic power in functioning the interoperability”.5
Some of the main advantages of OCPP are:
 Support a charge point owner to change network operator when it wants, thus preventing the charge station assets from being stranded.6 7
 Allow the common communications between charge station and network service provider to be also leveraged for providing grid services (e.g., demand response) cost effectively.
 Encourage customers to own EVs by enabling uniform access to charging stations, roaming and billing services.

Key Terms OCPP

Key Terms

Charge Point

It is also called as the Charge Station, Charger

Central Server Management System

It is also called as the Back-office system


OCPP Implementation Overview


List of commands implemented for Charge Point Side

Following is the list of commands implemented on the Charge point side:

  1. Authorize
  2. Boot Notification
  3. Data Transfer
  4. Diagnostics Status Notification
  5. Firmware Status Notification
  6. Heartbeat
  7. Meter Values
  8. Start Transaction
  9. Status Notification
  10. Stop Transaction

List of commands implemented for Central Server Side i.e. Central Server Management System

  1. Cancel Reservation
  2. Change Availability
  3. Change Configuration
  4. Clear Cache
  5. Clear Charging Profile
  6. Data Transfer
  7. Get Composite Schedule
  8. Get Configuration
  9. Get Diagnostics
  10. Get Local List Version
  11. Remote Start Transaction
  12. Remote Stop Transaction
  13. Reserve Now
  14. Reset
  15. Send Local List
  16. Set Charging Profile
  17. Trigger Message
  18. Unlock Connector
  19. Update Firmware
  20. Assign a price setting to connectors of the chargers
  21. Managing charging session for a particular user on any of the specified charger port (remote start and remote stop)
  22. Managing charge stations and performing different operations such as resetting the station, changing the availability, marking as unavailable and resetting the cache


Integration of OCPP with OpenADR


Integration of OCPP with OCPI


Specific customizations implemented


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Our specially designed Electric Vehicle station maintenance and management program has the capability of serving the requirement of the clients. We are always committed to perform on-site repairs and also provided with additional features.

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