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Retail is one of the biggest sectors that contribute a lot in any economics. TekMindz offer a vast range Point of Sale or POS service to the retailers. Point of Sale or POS is one of the buzz words in IT. The service can be considered as one of the wholesome service that initiates and manages both online purchases and different online transactions. The service is nothing but a process to bridge the gap between the merchant and the buyer or the card holder. Point of Sale or POS is the service that combines both software and hardware. Hence, this service for retail includes scanner, weighing scales, manual or electronic cash register, touch screen terminals and other various installation and integration services which make it to create a complete process for the retailers. Here at TekMindz, we have the industry experts who can design and develop the comprehensive POS project for our clients. There are several physical stores which have already placed their POS at the exists of their store to increase the purchase impulsion by the customers while leaving. So, if you are looking for such solutions, then you are at the right place because TekMindz is your one stop IT Services and IT Solutions provider. Our efficient professionals will be more than happy helping you and assisting you regarding the best service that can benefit your business. We have a vast range of IT Solutions, so you can speak to our Customer Care Executives who can provide you with the right guidance and quote.

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Agile at its best

Our specializations are on adaptive engagement models, skilled professionals on agile methods and tools, fast iterations, and exact requirements alignment along use cases and deliverables

Transparent Collaboration

Transparency in communication and collaboration is important and we are just extension of your team

100% Quality Assurance

Quality is one thing we never compromise on. Hence, we follow strategies like code review, knowledge management, security compliance and automated builds and testing

Dedicated Team of Professionals

Our Team of Professionals are updated with new technologies, best of practices, trainings and specialized in architectures

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