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OpenMRS Reference Application 2.10.0 Released

The awaited Reference Application 2.10.0 Release.It’s built on Platform 2.3.0 and includes bug fixes to over 40 modules.Read this blog

The Power of Community—Improving Sync 2.0 After Its Release

OpenMRS is a patient-centric medical record application that documents the details of interactions between health care providers and patients. The software gathers a patient’s treatment details into a single patient chart

5 Reasons Every Developer Should Contribute to OpenMRS

The ThoughtWorkers on Bahmni projects consider ourselves an active part of the worldwide OpenMRS community: we contribute to the software, help solve common problems, and aim to attend the yearly meetups.

DHIS2 Installation Guide for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

This guide assumes Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is installed on a local machine/VPS with 4GB of RAM and DHIS2 is used for testing purposes. This is based on the official DHIS2 documentation, correcting some of its mistakes in the commands.

HISP at University of Oslo releases DHIS2 package for tracking of COVID-19

The Health Information Systems Programme (HISP) is a sustainable and scalable research project enabling and supporting health information systems implementation in more than 100 developing countries