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OpenMRS Features

OpenMRS Features

OpenMRS is a multi-faceted platform that offers user management, hospital patient record management, hospital management and slew of other functionalities.

User Management

This module defines the registration of the user, creating users, providing roles and privileges to each user

  • User Registration
  • Biometric Integration (to avoid duplication of data)
  • Default Locale Selection
  • Default Location Selection
  • Role Management
  • Privilege Management
  • Password Change/Reset
  • SSO (Single Sign on)

User Dashboard

List of all features and workflows to user as per his role on the landing page after login

Patient Registration

  • Anonymous Patient Registration
  • Integration with Biometric device-finger print scanner to avoid patient duplicity

Appointment Scheduling

  • Create Provider schedule
  • Request Appointment
  • Manage appointment
  • Daily appointments
  • Daily appointment requests

Search Patient / Find Patient

  • Multiple implementations of patient search can be used in each application. With each implementation having a different use case to follow, for example, find patients that have a pending hospitalization.

Patient Dashboard

The register module allows you to add a register view to the patient dashboard in its own tag.

Visit Management

  • Start Visit
  • End Visit
  • Add Past Visit
  • Merge Visits


  • A doctor can refer a patient to another doctor in the clinic
  • A doctor can create a referral for other clinics
  • A doctor can create a referral letter which the patient can take to the another external hospital/clinics


  • Vitals Capture
  • Clinical Visit Notes
  • Drug Order and Medication
  • Lab Orders

Laboratory Management

  • Creating Lab Orders
  • Search Patients who are to visit Lab
  • Provide prescription
  • Listing out various Tests
  • Download Report

Episode of Care

A basic workflow, that caters to all the needs of a health care facility right from the process of capturing patient’s vitals to the prescriptions, tests, various kinds of assessments etc. It can also provide mechanisms for real world organizations that might need multi-step processes for the overall treatment, such as review to the prescription by a senior doctor or the head of a department.

  • Diagnosis/Consultation
  • Prescription
  • EMR: Visit Encounter
  • Doc-Head doc (Maker-checker) Assessment
  • Multi-disciplinary Initial Assessment

Patient Specific customization

  • Financial Assessment
  • Basic Service Plan
  • Clinical Consent

Program Enrolment

A workflow management system that allows extensive care to patients by enrolling them into various programs. For example, Diabetes, Malnutrition etc.

  • Add Programs
  • Enroll Programs
  • Add Workflow
  • Enroll to Workflow
  • Add Workflow states
  • Forms for various conditions which will be linked with workflow at the backend

Pharmacy - Pharmacist Dashboard

The dashboard can be provided to the pharmacist of an in-house facility that is integrated with OpenMRS application. The pharmacists get the EMR prescribed by a practitioner above and has the ability to dispense the drugs to the patients.

  • Add Pharmacy Sub-store
  • Create Drug Request to Main Store
  • Dispense Drugs to Patient
  • Add Damaged/Soiled Drugs

Inventory Dashboard (Heavy customization, but using OpenMRS default classes and tables)

A new user role for the inventory manager, that can manage various inventory related tasks, such as adding, removing, transferring of stock items.

  • Add New Drug
  • Record new acquisition of drugs
  • Manage drug order requests
  • Add to account (Unforeseen losses, expiry of drugs etc.)
  • Transfer drugs to sub stores
  • Add main store
  • Edit Main stores

Reporting at Clinic

  • BIRT Reporting
  • Approximately 20 Reports to be considered

Reporting at centralized server

Reporting to compare clinic on key performance indicators; Administrative, Clinical, Financial etc. Approximately 10 KPIs to be provided with details

Concept Dictionary Management (Master Data Management)

  • Each of the concepts can be further used in the application as a part of the forms.
  • Metadata management
  • Add/Edit concepts
  • Add/Edit concept data type
  • Add/Edit concept class
  • Add/Edit concept answers

Location Management

  • Add Locations
  • Edit Location
  • Update location
  • Add location attribute
  • Create location hierarchy
  • Add location tag


  • Pricing for each clinic will be different and will depend on paying capacity of the individuals in that place
  • Integration Requirement : The pricing will be defined at the centralized system and will be exported for each clinic
  • Integration Requirement : Any updated on the pricing will be sent from the centralized system to the clinic in defined format
  • The new solution should provide consolidated view of inventory, billing and whether each clinic is self-sustainable or not

Billing/ POS

  • Payments are made in cash (but there is a possibility to assign a % of price reduction on the total price depending on the type of patient)
  • Billing to be done at each clinic
  • Integration Requirement : Billing details to be exported to centralized system

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