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Manage Your Charging Station

We offer trailer made EV Charging solutions & professional services for the management of your charging networks.

Manage your Charging Station

The EV vehicle industry is growing at a rapid pace, and the government is encouraging petroleum pump and building owners to provide electric vehicle charging stations for convenience. Charging stations help to connect an electric vehicle to a power grid and come with advanced features like smart meters, cellular connections, and network connectivity.

How TekMindz Helps companies in the EV Space to Build Charging Stations

TekMindz helps you to seamlessly develop and manage a charging station by developing robust software for vehicle charging solutions. TekMindz has fully-customized solutions for smart charging for the Manufacturers, CPOs, eMSPs, Fleet Companies, Utility Companies, Automobile OEMS, and Shared mobility businesses, Apartments, Condominium, and other Real Estate establishments.

Features That Can Be Built For Charging Stations

  1. Incorporate all the necessary details in your charging station software like waiting for time, kind of power outlets, per-minute charges and distance from your current location for EV charging management system and more
  2. Develop mobile apps to allow users to pre-book their spot
  3. Allow users to pay their consumption charges through multiple payment channels
  4. Set up a rewards program for charging during low peak times
  5. Add feedback and review section in the software to gather user experience
  6. Help users to locate vacant charging units

Why TekMindz?

There are several ways to manage to charge stations effectively, and TekMindz works with charging station owners to build a robust electric car charging points installation, which is fast, secure, and reliable. Here are some key benefits we can deliver:

  1. Limit the access to your chargers by implementing several security features like RFID, PIN number and proximity card readers
  2. Raise your charging stations a few meters above the ground to avoid vehicle taps
  3. Implement proper cord management systems like retraceable cords which can be hooked to the charging units
  4. Introduce smart software to address fault and performance issues.
  5. Tekmindz helps you to publicly register your station and help car drivers to find you via Google maps
  6. Pair your chargers with PV panels to gain more mileage from your station

We, at Tekmindz, help you to maximize your benefits from your charge station and ensure better connectivity and performance. Contact us for a better-managed charge station.

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Learn Why TekMindz for Electric Vehicle

Initial Set-Up

TekMindz offers Accurate Site Qualification along with site preparation and professional installation of your EV charging stations. We also ensure that your stations are installed to the highest quality standards.

Station Activation & Configuration

Our solutions are versatile and can be customised as per your charging goals requirements. Our experts offer comprehensive Activation and Configuration services and will guide you in activating the station.

Satisfactory Results

Our specially designed Electric Vehicle station maintenance and management program has the capability of serving the requirement of the clients. We are always committed to perform on-site repairs and also provide additional features.

Complete Assurance

Our specially designed Electric Vehicle station maintenance and management program has the capability of serving the requirement of the clients. We are always committed to perform on-site repairs and also provided with additional features.

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