Enterprise Security is an increasingly growing concern

Information security addresses enterprises’ need to minimize risks from external and internal threats by protecting IT infrastructure, applications and data while also minimizing vulnerabilities. IT leaders, thus, continuously seek effective ways to assess their current threat environments to ensure that their internal and external threats are aptly tackled. Significant innovation in the field of information infrastructure and technologies and practices are driving explosions in additional sources of information that are of larger volume, are more diverse and are continuously growing – simultaneously increasing potential threats from ungoverned data and devices. Data is growing every day, and enormously. This is further affected with additional social data. And with the coming of new computing trends with increasingly diverse hardware devices such as the mobile & tablet form factors, further convoluted with ‘everything as a service’ phenomenon, information security issues are getting increasingly complex.

Information Security issues are becoming more complex

With the emergence of new technology trends, addition sources of information from social networks, the cloud infrastructure, mobile devices and mobile device diversity e.g, the BYOD trend, the information security threat environment is rapidly changing. As businesses evolve their application portfolios and information infrastructure on their road to application modernization and enterprise transformation, security threats become more imminent. As such, enterprises are required to improve protection against continuously increasing, more sophisticated and more damaging threats and security attacks. In addition, security professionals are faced with the ever increasing pressure to meet and fulfill regulatory compliance requirements that are getting increasingly complex as the technology landscape expands.

Therefore, businesses look for such enterprise Information Security frameworks that protect business operations by minimizing vulnerabilities and protect infrastructure, applications and data from external and internal causes of damage.

Executing your Information Security Technology and Services Initiative

For any Information security initiative to be effective and successful, it must be able to rapidly adapt to swiftly changing risk and threat environments. Throughout any information security initiative, the selection, execution and deployment strategies are highly tactical and move rapidly through its course during multiple phases ofits design, deployment and management.

TekMindz’s Information security offering enables enterprises in developing protection strategies, adopting relevant effective technologies and selecting, managing and deploying proven tools and security best practices. Our Information security enables enterprises to protect business operations, develop assessment and remediation strategies, select appropriate technology and service providers, and ensure effective deployment of security controls.

TekMindz helps businesses in executing effective and successful information security projects for their enterprise. We bring our focused Approach for Information Security Initiatives that helps enterprises achieve results that support their long-term strategic business objectives.

Strategizing & Planning

Initiating, planning and executing complete risk assessment to identify and prioritize security projects and programs.

Identifying, defining and integrating short-term and mid-term plans for information security management as well as organization goals and long-term strategic business objectives and initiatives with the risk mitigation prioritization process.

Solution Architecture

Architecting solution-design and performance parameters.

Designing security tools and services – ensuring they are in line with the enterprise objectives of flexibility, efficiency and cost containment.


Identifying & selecting security solutions that integrate with internal processes, employees and stakeholders to ensure minimum disruption to internal operations and maximum security performance.

Aligning security solutions with architectural standards and infrastructure deployment and management models.

Operate & Improve

Continuous performance monitoring of security technology and services to fin-tune processes, finding and closing gaps.

Comparing updated risk assessments with current performance measures to identify areas for improvement, replacement or development of new security solutions when needed.

Continuously evolving security parameters to accommodate influx of new technologies.

TekMindz’s Structured Approach for Information Security Program