TekMindz has the expertise of developing, integrating and implementing healthcare and wellness solutions for healthcare focused organizations, government healthcare departments and government and private hospitals.

It is a prime need of all the governments across the globe to provide its citizens with healthcare facilities especially in rural areas at minimum cost. This requires the healthcare solutions to be scalable, address the localization requirements, have provision for multiple integrations and comply with healthcare standards.

TekMindz has developed healthcare and wellness solutions for various geographies like Africa, US, India and Afghanistan.


TekMindz's full lifecycle product engineering offers application engineering and system integration services for all stages of the software product development lifecycle — from architecting, designing, integration and implementing technology to sustaining technology footprints and supporting associated business functions and processes.

The solutions and products that we have developed are secure, scalable, handle operational failures effectively while processing large volume of transactions (as high as millions transactions per day). The solutions and products are developed with High Availability and cloud ready architecture. As part of our solution, we are providing real time reports and actionable insights into transactions using open source tools like elasticsearch and Kibana.

The solution architecture developed by us processes over millions transactions per day. The uptime of the solution has been 99%. TekMindz has developed next generation products which are SMAC based i.e. which have Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud components.

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