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TekMindz draws on its skills, talent base, and know-how to manage large, complex projects for clients with different business challenges, operating in a wide range of industry sectors.

We leverage technology as facilitator to provide end to end solutions and build new products, services and infrastructure. We constantly strive to refine existing systems and to implement sagacious business and technology strategies in the dynamic digital environment of the present user-centric arena.

Our services are managed by teams of professionals who have rich experience in establishing and running delivery centres for many ISVs. Having worked on both sides of the table, we understand the challenges as well as the success criteria like measurement, transparency, quality and productivity.

Our Advantages

  • Ability to provide complete solutions under one roof
  • Domain expertise in targeted vertical segments
  • Direct access to leadership team via formal project management throughout the engagement
  • Ability to quickly ramp up
  • Cost optimization and efficiency gains
  • Fast execution and rapid delivery
  • Assured business continuity and long-term partnership
  • Flexible delivery models

TekMindz’s full lifecycle product engineering offers application engineering and system integration services for all stages of the software product development lifecycle — from architecting, designing, integration and implementing technology to sustaining technology footprints and supporting associated business functions and processes.

The solutions and products that we have developed are secure, scalable, handle operational failures effectively while processing large volume of transactions (as high as millions transactions per day). The solutions and products are developed with High Availability and cloud ready architecture. As part of our solution, we are providing real time reports and actionable insights into transactions using open source tools like elasticsearch and Kibana.

The solution architecture developed by us processes over millions transactions per day. The uptime of the solution has been 99%.

TekMindz has developed next generation products which are SMAC based i.e. which have Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud components.


Tekmindz have expertise to manage massive data and provide business insights from this data by leveraging big data technologies like apacheHadoop, spark, storm, elasticsearch. Continuously ingesting the ongoing data and processing it with workflow and integration engines beforeit’s finally stored in the big data stores like HDFS.

Tekmindz have developed and delivered analytics dashboards utilizing tools like Tableau, IBM Cognos, Jasper Server. We have done heavycustomizations utilizing low level controls from these products to produce modern and rich UI while maintaining the interactive featureswhich are available out of the box form fromthese products. Dashboards drive their data from the warehouse and the entire data cycle from OLTPto OLAP and reports and automated with help of workflow automation involving scheduled/triggered ETL job execution.


We provide end-to end IT services around product owned by the client. Professional services range from system integration, applicationdevelopment, management services and testing solutions.

These Professional Services comprise of various activities as listed below:

  • Building & guiding the solution for end customers
  • Solution Architecture by integrating existing product with third party services
  • Merging existing solutions with new technology solutions
  • Developing POCs
  • Conducting acceptance test for complete solution before deployment in Production
  • Coordinating with end-customer for various project activities
  • Planning & tracking deployments
  • Product deployment & Support
  • Creating SOP and training customer staff for effectively using the complete solution
  • Co-ordination between teams for project related activities

At TekMindz, we engage with customers to holistically examine their business needs and tailor our Cloud services to meet their requirements to deliver the key Cloud benefits of business agility, scalability and flexibility in a robust and secure environment. We maximize your returns on your IT investments and allow your company to take full advantage of computing in the Cloud.

For migration of legacy application to cloud we facilitate via:

  • Advisory services for determining the changes required to be done in the existing architecture
  • Engineering services to perform these changes under controlled and planned manner
  • Quality Assurance service to performed bench mark testing so as to provide the threshold for the scalability and identify boundaries with current (as-is) deployment and new cloud based deployment

For outsourced product development we define the cloud landscape and architect the solution accordingly. We have developed, deployed and managed products using Amazon EC2 components like Amazon SWFEC2, EBS, S3, ELB, Beanstalk, VPC, Dynamo DB RDS, Redshift, Cloudwatch and Elastic load balancerand many more.

We have the expertise of developing products using Microsoft Azure PAAS. We have used Windows Azure Storage components like Azure Blobs, Azure Tables and Azure Queue.

We have reduced go to market time for our customer by leveraging scaled out test bed creation on demand on cloud service provider, running automated test cases and terminating the cloud instances post collection of test results and associated metadata. In our recent endeavors we are promoting customers to adapt to docker so as to streamline their development and deployment workflow in seamless manner.


At TekMindz, we are enabling businesses to refine their enterprise application strategies by helping them to deploy, manage and modernize their application portfolios.

With the ever increasing level of competition, the way enterprise applications are built is what is defining the value they can deliver to businesses, and in turn create the competitive differentiation. As enterprise application development continues to evolve and the impact of advances in cloud, mobile, social and information becomes more and more relevant for business across industries, organizations must adapt to changing technologies and disciplines as part of their growth strategy to exploit the opportunities created by the mutual convergence of the four forces.

The changing IT landscape is creating new consumer demands and TekMindz are successfully enabling enterprises address these demands through transformation beyond ad hoc development efforts through established, repeatable and scalable software application development(AD) practices.

  • This involves providing QA services for their product. We are doing black box functional testing and testing automation on their core platform / products.
  • Design and execution of test plans, preparing the execution strategy.

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